Social Development Index of localities of Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve, MSDR, Amazonas, Brazil.

Edila Arnaud Ferreira Moura, Ana Claudeise da Silva Nascimento, Mário Diego Valente, Dávila Suelen Souza Correa, Thabata Lima de Farias, Danna Ríssia Silva da Silva, Géssica da Silva Miranda


This study shows the Social Development Index –SDI of localities in Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve - MSDR, constructed similar to the Human Development Index – HDI, in order to assess quantitatively the social diversities of small rural population in the Amazon living in a unit of conservation. This index was constructed based on the economic, educational and social organization dimensions of these population groups. The study presents data from 61 localities inside this Amazon conservation unit, being 33 in the várzea (floodplains) and 28 in terra firme (uplands). The indexes were grouped in categories from 1 (better) to 5 (worse). The data refer to 2006 as the outcome of a specific socio demographic survey. The study contributes to assessments of public policies directed toward small Amazon populations in a historical perspective and in especial, to evaluate the results from environmental conservation policies.


Social Development; Rural population; Amazon; Sociodemography; Social policies; Populações rurais; Amazônia; sociodemografia; políticas sociais