Ecological characterization of the by-catch Ichthyofauna in marine shrimp manual trawling on the Caeté River Estuary (Bragança - Pará - Brasil)

Lygiane Nascimento Ferreira, Bianca Bentes, Gabriela Sarmento, Pablo Antônio Cruz, Shirley Leão


This study analyses results from a bimonthly ecological monitoring of the by-catch ichthyofauna in manual trawling for shrimps in three sites of the Caeté River estuary. The aim was to ecologically characterize discarded ichthyic fauna of this fishing system between November/07 and November/08. We captured 2.347 individuals (21 families and 41 species), and the richness variation was statistically significant between the seasons. Diversity (H) presented higher values in the months of November/07 and January/08, and lower values in May/08. Equitability (E) was more uniform in January/08 and less uniform in July/08. The total sum of captured specimens was identified as juvenile, reinforcing the impending need of environmental education actions in estuarine areas, in terms of conservation of its ecological integrity and of the reuse of discarded resources, since this estuarine complex is part of the Caeté-Taperaçu Sustainable Development Reserve.


Ecological indexes; By-catch ichthyofauna; Ecosystems conservation; Índices ecológicos; Ictiofauna acompanhante; Conservação de ecossistemas